Isaiah Smith Campaign

Being interviewed by CW33 News (KDAF TV)


Protesting against Governor Rick Perry's policies on public school education funding, human rights and et cereta. 

My Allies: 


1. Universal Human and Civil Rights Union {UHCRU} 

3. Denton Womens Collective (DWC)

2. GLSEN of Greater Dallas 

4. Equality Texas 

5. People Opposed to Paddling Students {POPS}

Isaiah Smith

I am proud to publicize the fact how I am going to run for the office of the President of the United States in the future. I am going to run with the Democratic Party, however I am willing to work with all personages in order to get the job done. 

*2007-2008 Elected President of Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program (NRH Branch). Was voted in twice and served two consecutive terms.(Retired)

*Retired Teen Court attorney 

*Texas Correctional Officer

*American Humanist Association and the Secular Student Alliance

* Isaiah Smith or Isaiah Smith Birdville High School

My Contact Information:

Isaiah Smith Campaign
P.O. Box 163411
Fort Worth, Texas, 76161


I have been called the "Gay Obama..." -- Gay Life Newspaper 

I have been called a "Student leader" by the Huffington Post